how to install sip firmware on cisco 7942 and 7962 ip phone

:Things We Need

-tftp server and dhcp server (tftpd32)

-lastest sip firmware for phones from cisco


connect phone and pc to network without another dhcp server

extract firmware to tftp root folder

setup dhcp server with option value 66 for tftp address (if uses 150 ,it cause external tftp server address)

reset factory phone by holding # while powering on ,then after 5 second enter (123456789*0#)

now phone rebooted and search for dhcp and tftp server and began of upgrading

  • *for configuring (such as name user pass etc) should create a SEP************.cnf.xml which  should replaced with mac address of phone i give an example in below

*my phones come with sccp 9.3.1r1 firmware so the 8.5.4 firmware doesnt work on it

*firmware above 9.x only work with sip tcp protocol and need this config on both asterisk and phone:


transport=udp, tcp


<line button=”1″>

N.B. It must say _exactly_ USECALLMANAGER





#Soft Reset

The code for the soft factory reset is: 123456789*0#
A soft reset does the following:
5. deletes key files on the phone including /etc/
6. reboots
7. phone recovers default loads file from TFTP server

#Total Hard Reset

The code for the total hard reset is: 3491672850*#
A total hard reset formats /flash0 blowing away everything except CNU. All settings and personalization of the phone is removed.

#Hard Reset with Network Setting Preservation

The code for the network preservation hard reset is: *7412369#085
And it also does a complete format of /flash0 — yet it preserves the network settings so that after the format, any static IP and other network settings are preserved. The settings are stored in volatile RAM, so it is important to not remove power to the phone during this process.

link i used for this :



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