how to enter hp smart array setup

Press Ctrl+S to open the Intel Boot Agent Setup Menu. Press F8 to open the ROMArray Configuration menu. From the Main Menu, select Create Logical Drive and press Enter. Select all physical disks under Available Physical Drives.



Assuming you’re on a recent firmware revision for the DL320 G6 server. You’re going to have to pay close attention to the POST messages in order to catch the RAID controller’s ORCA utility prompt.

The “Sea of Sensors” POST routine takes awhile from the first screen prompt (on a warm-boot) to step through RAM checks and to register the sensors. After the ambient temperature display, you will receive a prompt to “Press any key to view Option ROM messages” – Press any alpha-key on the keyboard at this point.


From there, you’ll see a prompt for the ILO 2 configuration menu and then, you’ll receive a few options for your Smart Array controller. Press F8 to enter the ORCA screen. You can configure a logical drive there.


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